Scotland meetup


Putting out the feelers to see who might be interested in a Scottish GADC meet up?

Ideally somewhere central with good transport links but depends where most people are travelling from.

Weather also a problem so may be better planning for sometime next year.

Just trying to get an idea of numbers at this point so if interested shout out below.

If anyone fancies a drive up M6, everyone welcome.


Home - Glasgow …2Hrs 30
Home - Edinburgh …2hrs 20
From my caravan in Northumberland - Either 1hr 40


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Sorry, there are probably more people in Scotland, I just can’t remember you all :blush:


Yep over 5 million at last count :rofl:

Sorry mate, had to.


Get them all signed up here and we might need even more web hosting servers :rofl:


You’ll need new moderators, too! LOL
(Edit: Note … NEW …. not MORE. :stuck_out_tongue: )


@callum If a meet up does happen, I can bring anything from 13,000k lumen projection and screens to project images taken or to show videos or even just a simple desktop projector, oh and a PA …let me know


Thanks Barry!

I’m not sure it will be big enough for a PA but small projector could be a good idea.

Let’s see what interest there is and can take it from there.



We might all need visas and passports if “wee Jimmy Krankie” gets her way.


@callum Who knows maybe I can put this in … LOL



I’ll contact SECC and see if they will lend us a hall, 5000 seater should do, right? :rofl:


You could fly indoors with a space that big.

Edit: Actually - Scottish weather …. could be a good plan! :wink:


Cool, best get me BIG LINE ARRAY PA out as well then … @PingSpike @OzoneVibe @callum


Any movement on this?


Not yet mate.

Suppose now might be a good time to make a plan for when the better weather gets here.


Isn’t difficult to predict that minute?