Not sure the petition says anything about doing away with the drone code. It’s against a pointless registration scheme, the cost of which will be pushed onto users. Go on! Sign it and feel good…:smile:

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The petition will never get enough signs to be useful. Write to your mp, the dept for transport and the caa

Then write back and complain about the stock response

Not that it will do much good as the laws already been passed

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What about a drone squadron doing laps of parliament Square? Good TV, that…

Signed, It’s got a long way to go, under 700 signatures this morning.

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We tried that at Gatwick but nobody saw anything despite there supposed to be multiple drones and dozens of sightings, so nobody has a chance of seeing anything round parliament square

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Not sure about that! think the Trump balloon has been doing the rounds…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Bumping thread after merging posts.

Please can this page remain sticky… even better if this subject took a prominent place on the site for the duration of its usefulness. We really need to reach the numbers. Could there be an email or dedicated news letter to subscribers of this forum? I feel strongly about doing anything we can now. It’s too easy to things the traditional British way… Moan, moan, moan and do nothing! Then moan and cry even more once its too late (I’m a born and bread Mancunian so yes I can say this)!

I learnt to fly radio control gliders and planes 28 years ago (I was 12) on the Great Orme in Llandudno, way before drones were even conceived (35MHz radio!!). This would never have happened if drone registration such as is to be introduce was about! It would be a shame to see the hobby thrown under the bus now just so some greedy corporations and the Government can take our airspace to line their pockets.

So far I have

  1. Signed the above petition
  2. Emailed a letter to the MP from Manchester (which appears to have been ignored… I’ll resend and try to call her)
  3. Responded to the CAA drone consultation.

Please jump on this guys, its the future of our hobby. RC should for the public (with suitable laws in place to protect the public of course!)

That petition site says it needs 100,000 signatures to even be considered for a possible debate.

CAA estimate they’ll only have 170,000 registrations over the initial 18 months.

So we need to have 59% of all UK drone pilots sign that web site just to have this thing considered for debate? :thinking:

Call me sceptical but I think this is a done deal anyway :confused:


I support @GTMonster’s sentiments towards the drone registration … and have signed the petition.

Unfortunately I also support @PingSpike’s scepticism in respect of the petition achieving anything.

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Just to add, I did sign it earlier in the week when @ScottishYorkshireMan posted about it :blush:

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Me to !, attempt to sign it again and it warns you that you have done it twice !.

I agree, 100,000 people is a lot… 10,000 is possibly more realistic and at least gets note. That said its better to go down fighting than to just give up! At least then you have a real reason to moan later lol!


My wife and I both signed!

We may not get to 100,000 but if we can get to 10,000 signatures, the site says the government will respond to this petition - so at least it will get noticed?!

There are gaps! We know who you are!


“Always watching!!” (Monsters inc)


just signed but numbers are very shy… ;-(


Yup… but that’s more signatures than this morning!

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