Second flight and experimenting with features

Was using it in 1080p so had more zoom


Very nice, I particularly liked the way you incorporated the ‘small earth’ pano in the video.

Thanks, I’ve just ordered power director 17 ultimate as only doing it with movie maker on windows so more learning to do lol

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Now there’s a power hungry bit of software!

Is it that bad ? I do all my work on laptop with intel i7 will this be ok ?

TBH I don’t know. I have an i7 but evidently not enough RAM. I can put videos together and grade them but very little else. Adding 3d titles crashed it all together.

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I have Power Director … and the free version of Davinci Resolve.

Whilst I found the Davinci Resolve took a little longer to learn, it had far less of an impact on the laptop processor so I stuck with it and no like it.

When I thought things were running slowly I discovered it wasn’t the processor causing the problem, but that the HDD/SSD were running at their limit.

I also now have Davinci. I use powerdirector on the phone though for quick social media edits.

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Ditto on Android.

Impressive Tim, I have ordered my Zoom so should be with me next Friday so another meeting on Chase

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Love the dolly-zoom @ 2:41 … that’s mind bending! :+1:

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Just a note of caution. I Wouldn’t push active track to much in the winter … many of the smaller stick branches may be harder for the Mavic to spot without leaves and vegetation on them during winter months.


Cheers for advise, was being cautious and kept looking as it didn’t detect all small stuff

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