Second viewer for Mavic 2


Wondering if anybody has any experience of giving an observer a second view of a live flight on a Mavic 2? In particular, using an iOS device on the main controller and ideally viewing on either an iPad or a MacBook.

Not personally but theres a good youtube video ( Dual Controller Mode w/ Mavic 2 - Teaching My Friend To Fly on a Secondary Controller - YouTube ) that covers it both simply and in depth.

@JoeC Is that an option now? Or do you mean streaming flying device screen to something else with a 3rd party app?

Thanks for the link. Not quite what I’m after (don’t want to be shelling out on another controller, just want to give somebody else the view), but interesting all the same :slight_smile:

I was hoping it might be - can easily airplay over to an AppleTV but that plus the monitor and a power source isn’t really practical or portable. Was hoping I could also airplay to the MacBook… but no. There are some 3rd-party apps to let you do it to an iPad but I’ll need to test it in case it causes problems on the phone or just has too much lag.

Am lazily hoping somebody else has already done the hard work and figured out a workable option :wink:

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Facebook live ?

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Not sure how practical that is for having somebody stood next to me in the deepest Highlands (or wherever), but it has made me want to give it a go in general. :slight_smile:

I’ve watched a mates flights while stood in the same field.

More thinking about the 3G not-spots up here… :wink:

What about this

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I used an Nvidia Shield K1 to mirror to my goggles RE from the Inspire 2 before I bought my crystal sky.


I’d seen this and will give it a go… read a few comments elsewhere suggesting lag might be a problem but will see :slight_smile:

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The lag is no different to when using a phone, the mirrored image has the same lag as the primary as it’s a wired connection between the two devices. Lag is only really an issue when racing, but if you only want to have a passenger they will never see the lag of milliseconds.