Seeing images in print

No matter how many times it happens it’s always nice to see my images in print, especially as it’s first time they are drone images.

Even better when they’re in a big mag like country life.

Vid looks even better, going live today!


Thats flipping awesome @lee :clap:

Must give you a buzz that!

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yeah always nice, had a load as a photographer but this is first as drone photographer so really good, shows we’re doing the right things.

bloody estate agents still putting arrows over obvious buildings though


Country Life … now that’s classy! :+1:

And having your drone pics published, even via an estate agent (Lillicrap! :rofl:), qualifies you for the Celebrity Badge too! :wink:

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What did you charge them @lee if you don’t mind me asking

Holy s**t, Lee! That opening shot is amazing!

Please tell me you flew that backwards and reversed the footage? If you flew that forwards I’m giving my drone back!


@milkmanchris, I’ll be honest chris this was a pitch we (me and 2 partners) put to the estate agents on a different property to do a very very cheap promo vid that we can also use to promote our relatively new venture.

We did get paid some for imagery but not full rates as we will be pushing vid and images in our portfolio. I took about £200 which covered costs but that wasn’t the point, Normally for this I’d be aiming at a minimum of £650 - £900 for stills alone as we were there a full day.

How often will some one let you into a 4.5 million property (let alone fly a drone in it) without similar already in your resume and without customer recommendations


Posted that before I’d even seen the full video! The stop-motion kitchen cupboards are adorable! :smiley:

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@JoeC that shot was reversed, I did fly it forward as well but wasn’t as symmetrical so started with the hard bit and reversed.

The shot in the front door through the stairs and out the other door was all one shot, the editor has cut it into 2

what do you think to the whole vid?


stop motion took 3 hours


the vid has gone live now so if anyone is interested link is here.


Honestly, one of the best estate agent videos I think I’ve seen. Let’s face it, at least £2m of that price tag is because of the location and views, and you’ve really highlighted them perfectly. Bravo! :slight_smile:

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You can tell the agents that, on the back of your video, I’d like to put in an offer on the property!

…. on Wednesday if I get the Euromillions jackpot tomorrow evening!

Lots of really good stuff in that … but, for me, the time-lapse from day to night is the winner. Managing such a smooth transition, whilst keeping the house exposure just so spot-on, is not at all easy.


(And, if nothing else, the agents should see a massive peak in activity on their site … so, everyone, follow the link that @JoeC posted above!! :+1: )


Very classy piece of work, well done mate!

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@lee you can do another time lapse of the house falling in to the sea in a few years time too, win win!

Congrats though mate, top job :+1:t2:


Amazing Work, looks very professional. First shot is really nice especially :+1::+1:

Was this all filmed/photographed on the M2P, @lee?

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Great stuff! But the estate agents have done you no favours. I went onto the site and the stills were autoplaying , which was nice, but the video is only accessible by one of the right hand buttons on the sidebar.

Surely anyone who is in the marketing business should have the sense to see how good a tool the video is to capture a prospective purchaser’s interests. Even an estate agent!

no, battery would never have manged stop imagery 3 hours.

timelapse and slider footage on nikon z7, the rest on m2P

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Doh! Of course, hadn’t thought about that with the battery.

Is the footage from the two cameras fairly painless to merge together (my untrained eye certainly thinks they match pretty well) or is it many hours of painful grading? Have had the notion of upgrading my DSLR chuntering away at the back of my brain for a few months but I think it’ll need to stew there for several months more whilst I figure out if I can justify the spend. :slight_smile: