Seeing the screen

Does anyone know of any special glasses on the market that allows you to see your screen clearly please?

I don’t know about specific glasses to see a screen but you can get blue light blocking glasses that filter out the blue light that causes eye strain caused by prolonged screen viewing? Or just buy some reading glasses from boots?

Are you wearing a headset? (Perhaps) I know Fatshark allow glasses underneath and some accept lenses, so no need for glasses. I’m probably chasing up the wrong alley thing but it’s getting late!

not sure what phone you have but try one of these. search ebay/amazon for, anti glare screen protector

Thanks guys, I didn’t explain very well, it’s more to see the screen better when it’s a really bright day and the sun is restricting viewing

Not aware of any special glasses that help with that. Depending on the size of the phone/tablet screen and how it is attached to your controller, you may be able to buy a screen shade. Search for example for Pgy-tech phone monitor hood.

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You need something like this -

STARTRC Mini 2 Foldable Sun Hood Sunshade Cellphone Tablet Compatible with DJI Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Mavic Mini/Mavic 2/PRO/Mavic air/Spark Drone Remote Controller

Thank you, I’ve ordered one

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Standing in a shaded spot helps as well. Not always possible though.

This is a great suggestion, I put them on all my tablets and even on my DJI CrystalSky, in the end I got the 7.85 CrystalSky monitor, its expensive but worth it.

I have a hood but also a cowboy hat too, with the hat I just turn my back to the sun for instant shadow…:grin:

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