Self indulgence

I just had to try this…

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Seems like your drew a blank. :wink:

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Can we try that too?

Been firing them for years !.
Come on Tim, we want to try as well !.:laughing:

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Mmmmm…let me try again but blanks at my age are pretty much the norm


Bloody Hell, the suspense is killing me!:wink:

Will be a sad day when you can’t even FIRE blanks

In the mean time…

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Ooops :man_facepalming:

Now, you have got to be a serious plonker to even think of trying that !.

Cheeky buggers!

Sorry pretty slow (actually ‘king slow) connection here and it won’t even touch a 1080 upload…


Did that work?

Although he’s got hairy legs, he’s still in the nappy’s stages.


straight from Jessops.

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Nice one Tim.

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