Selling a Mavic Air Combo

Selling my Mavic air combo with extras. Got polar pro ND & PL filters and it will also come with car changer and a lot more. It hardly been used. I will be update and send more information with pictures very soon and I will show the the use of the of the drone information through HD sync. Not sure what the going price is for a second hand MA1 with all the extras but if interested just ask buy DM. Only selling it because I have just bought the new MA2. I will upload pics tomorrow.

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Have a browse of the ‘sold’ section of eBay for similar packages, you’ll quickly see what the going market price is averaging at :+1:t2:


Have you got a price in mind yet? Any pictures? Sold my air last year and instantly regretted it. Can’t justify shelling out 900+ quid for the air 2, so looking out for an air. Cheers.

I do have the original box somewhere I just need to find it.


I have the box somewhere. Just need to look for it.

Looks good, do you have a price in mind?

Hey, I would be interested in buying this drone? I am still saving up my money but if you could send me a price that would be great?
Best Wishes, Jake