Selling your videos?


Would any of you sell any clips that you have produced?

YouTube just bit the hand that's fed them for years

Yes, and even though you can’t fly a drone for commercial gain without ticking all the boxes you can sell clips that were not taken originally for profit. I know that makes no sense.


Really? Where is this written down…I’d like to look at the wording of that :slight_smile:


It’s the “undertaking a flight with a view to financial reward” that renders any flying in the UK as a “commercial flight”. (Possibly not exact wording … but not far off.)

Proving there was no intention is the tricky bit.

If you do it too often, then you cannot claim a flight was just in hobby mode, and the chance to earn money was a subsequent chance.

If you see there’s a house on fire and take off to take photos/video … you could have a problem.

If you were in the air before the fire started, you are OK. (unless you arranged for the fire to be started … but that’s getting into absurd hypothetical ideas … but demonstrates a point).


im thinking of setting up a site to sell videos what do you guys think?

would you sell some videos on my site?


I thought that was only an FAA thing. Good to know if that’s the case.


You realise, by that statement, you are rendering any future videos that you take as “undertaking a flight with a view to financial reward”?

You cannot plan to make money from videos without going through all the hoops to get your PfCO ticket.

Any reward has to be by chance.

Edit: Unless you make money from posting on YouTube, apparently …
Thanks to @RaRaRasputin for that info.


Finges crossed on getting my PFCO done next Monday well the course anyway


Let us know how you get on and good luck :+1: