Selsey, South Coast

My latest 2 minute epic.

My cousin Roger and his wife Joan live in Selsey on the south coast. He’s not been well recently, so we travelled down South to visit him. He is always interested to hear about the latest technology so I was telling him about the drone. Before we left, I flew it to get a few still and video shots of his house from above. They live so close to the sea, that this mission swiftly turned into this short 2 minute video.


Nice one Steve :+1:

Did you not let your mate fly it though? :wink:

You could have flown further along the beach and stretched that video out to at least 20 minutes :grinning:


Always leave 'em wanting more. :slight_smile:

My cousin is 83 and was in hospital, which is why we visited. Cheering him up with aerial shots of his house and the sea was what was needed!

(That was my first flight over the sea. If you’re going to trust the drone, you have to trust it. I guess!)

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