I managed to make a couple of recordings yesterday. I’ve been concentrating on learning to fly the Mavic.
I’ve transferred the videos on to my laptop and I’ve noticed the dates in the file properties are miles out. One was dated 31Dec1970 and the other 31Dec 2023.
Is there a time and date setting that I’ve missed?

That’s pretty strange. Seems like a glitch or bug.

AFAIK DJI drones get date and time from your mobile device and GPS. There is no date or time setting.

I’d start with resetting your camera settings through app and seeing if that helps.

What device are you using?

iPad mini 4 with cellular. It’s a tight fit in the controller, I never knew it is slightly bigger than my mini 2

I use the non cellular version. Yeah they are a tight fit but at least you know it’s not going to fall out.

i had to be out really early due to there being a sky diving club next to the site who seem to fly between 8:00 and 19:30.
So I was out 6:00 and the only bother I had was with biting midges on the marshes on Morcombe Bay. They caused me to lose sight of the Mavic due to me waving my arms about and dancing around. Next time I’ll use industrial grade repellent.

Don’t get me started on midges. I bought a ridiculous looking mesh hat after a hellish experience on the peak of goat fell in arran. Never again! it’s always in my bag. Don’t care how daft I look.

It is satisfying though when you land your drone and see the little fuc*kers splattered over the props and sides.