Severn Valley Railway Gala

TOAL from a huge field right next to Victoria Bridge. It’s on a public footpath so no problems. Great place to take photos & videos if you’re into heritage railways. Gresley in wartime livery. It will be going back to blue in the near future.
It’s within the FRZ of Pound Green Airfield, but a quick phone call to the owner and he was quite happy for me to fly.


Nice stuff. I keep meaning to try and find some good TOAL locations for the SVR. Although am preferring Great Central Railway as its double tracked = trains more often.

Victoria Bridge is a great place because it’s so open and you can get great pictures/videos. it’s also good for SLR shots. It’s about half a mile walk from the car park alng the footpath by the river. I don’t know how the timetable normally runs, but for the steam Gala Arley was the passing point, so you got a northbound train and the southbound followed about 15 mins later. No better place to be in the sun.

Paul B.

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Lovely pictures.

Thanks for the TOAL info! :slight_smile:

Lovely colours…