Shall I take the bait? (You’ll want to read this...)

Thought I would post this here before I bite…

Someone in my area, probably spotted my drone… Thoughts?

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Ha Ha !!, that’s got to be the best one I have seen today !!
I would ignore it, they are trying it on !

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I think she is being deadly serious… :joy: I’m not actually a member of the group yet so will have to wait before I can ask some questions :slight_smile:

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If that’s the case, then I would request to speak in person with her.
Explain your situation, and if she gets heavy about it, involve the Police
and let them sort it out !.
From what she has said, you have been proven guilty of flying in the area.
Was it you flying around the area?

I am going to ask her where she means by “LB”, if that’s near where I was flying, I will probably speak to her privately about it, that’s a good suggestion, thanks :+1:

Amazing example of jumping to a conclusion if this is related to my drone usage! :joy:

Nothing worse than being accused of something before you have a chance to speak about it to your accuser (Deformation Of Character !)
LB probably refer to a Postcode, usually does on Facebook
(I am assuming that’s where its from !)

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sounds like the pitchforks will be out and lets hope you don’t have an eclipse soon

people are so naive to think you can copy there keys for the air
well I never
what is the forum? Chris and i may join to perk things up a bit

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“You’re so wicked” :japanese_ogre:

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I think it refers to somewhere called Little Baddow… But I have asked her to clarify if that is the case or not. If so, it probably wasn’t my drone :face_with_monocle:

Amazing what you can do with drones nowadays! :wink:

It’s on Facebook, I’ll let you know if we need some petrol

Is that near Chelmsford?

Yeah just outside of Chelmsford, close to Danbury and Boreham :eyes:

I thought so, My Brother and Sister-in-law live in Great Baddow

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If you are sure it’s not you, just ignore the bitch !!


I just want to pour a bucket of water over that wild theory before there is a revolt in the nearby villages when I fly my drone around!


I can understand that.


That has got to be the biggest load of batshit crazy talk I have heard this week. A total crock of excrement, dreamed up by some lunatic conspiracy nut in a tin foil hat who just wants to fuel paranoia.

I seriously hope the rest of the county aren’t this gullible or we haven’t got a hope in hell of convincing people we’re not all out to get them.


Thats hilarious …. the guy has been watching to many “The X Files” he probably thinks that drones were invented by the aliens held at area 51.


Complete madness, she hasn’t responded to my question about location just yet… Will keep you all posted :rofl:

But that’s where I thought drones came from. Grabs coat😂

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Is that because she thinks your done nicked her car😁