Sharpness issues - MP

Since switching to D-Log, I followed the related instructions and turned contrast, saturation, and sharpness right down to -3.

I’m not having great results with the sharpness. When I bring it back up in post, I get “fuzzy” results, e.g. look at the building here:

I’ve experimented a bit, and to me I seem to get the best results by using sharpness 0, and then still applying sharpening in post, look at the wool cushion in:

Anything obvious I’m doing wrong? I don’t think it’s just bad focusing.

One thing I haven’t tried is sharpening in a different app. I’m using LumaFusion.

Is this the MP?

Yup - MP.

Edited thread title so others know. :wink::+1:

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I’d only drop the contrast on the mp as it supposedly opens up the dynamic range. However you then need to use a LUT to correct it. If you try and add that back yourself (unless you’re a good colourist) you’ll introduce a bunch of noise which is what you’re seeing.

Different lut suppliers have different suggestions for these settings. For example, on the M2 film poets say - 3, spectrum grades are - 1 and polar pro are 0!

I’m using the Ground Control D-Log to Rec.709 LUT, though the test clip isn’t using any colour correction - just sharpening.

Ah, and that does say use 0, -3, -3. I guess that’s my problem. Thanks!


Though I’m now wondering if I properly understand what a LUT does - I thought it was just colour correction, so I would have assumed that any settings/post adjustments for sharpness would be independent of the LUT?

Also in the cushion video… I’m not applying any LUT - just sharpness setting, and the ‘cartoony’ effect is still there.

In any case I think the solution is not to drop the in-drone sharpening, but I’m still confused on the reasons.

Been there and trawled dozens of Youtube advice, -1 is the sweet spot, anything else makes it worse than zero.

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When using D-log on my MP I always kept sharpness at +1.

-1 was recommended in the early firmware versions and later 0.

If a particular LUT had recommended settings I followed them except sharpness.

I might still have a folder of MP luts if you want a copy.

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Ooh yes please.

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