Sheffield FPV pilot

Hi everyone, I’ve been flying for quite a while now, 5 inch fpv quads and longer range li-ion builds too. I’m also interested in Ardupilot and larger UAVs, of which I have some experience but I’m certainly wanting to learn more, with the hopes of building some beefier quads in the future.

The flying locations map seems really useful and I will be trying some of these spots out!


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Hi Toby - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:


I’m not far from you down in Chesterfield and also fly FPV. Longer range and cruising interests me more than freestyle in bandos, though I do both.

I’ve been getting into iNAV stuff recently, first on a fixed wing and now I’m building it into a quad. I’ve not looked at Ardupilot yet though…

A few other members on here have experience with the larger quads…

That’s great to hear, I’ve just moved my 7 inch quad over to iNav, and the gps features are working great, but having some trouble getting it to fly as nice compared to when it was on betaflgiht.
The fixed wing sounds good, what model have you got?

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I’m running a Zohd Nano Talon Evo.

I’ve only had a couple of flights with it so far. I’m hoping to get some more in at the weekend.

I will be at Drone Circle near Macclesfield on Sunday. I’m hoping to fly it on Saturday as well… @notveryprettyboy @Steviegeek

I’ve never been to a drone circle meet but I am from Macclesfield!