She's here! My DJI Mini 2 is finally here

my mini 2 is finally here, all updated on controller and drone just waiting for the batteries to charge.
did have a slight brown trouser moment, after updating the firmware it decided to tell me it had incompatible firmware installed!!
after rebooting them both it went away, now i need to calibrate the compass and wait for the rain to stop and I’m in the garden to test basic functions.
i am so excited im like a big kid.
just off to get the refresh package and hopefully i wont need it


Enjoy u will love it

just been playing in my garden and making sure it all works ok.
oh my god i am blown away with how stable and easy to fly this little drone is. the camera is excellent and got some footage of my guttering that needs repair (another job to do)
its also a lot quieter then i was expecting
granted i was only in the garden but i thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minutes i had playing about and cant wait to get out into some open areas (davy down im looking at you)
think i have been bitten by the bug already, my wife will hate it…


Great little drones aren’t they! so stable for the size of them.

That’s their job, to hate things we love :joy:


Good luck Steve. What a great feeling it is.