Shooting in 48 mp or smart ( frame square )

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I’m sorry to ask this question but I can’t find an answer,if any of you guys have read any of my previous threads your probally see I’m trying to learn to get the best out of the camera side of things.I’ve been using normal photo mode for a while which fills the whole of the screen ( wide if you like ) on my phone but when I switch to 48 mp or smart it goes square, then you lose the size,is there a way of adjusting this to wide “ I have checked settings “ maybe I’ve missed something & or is this a fixed frame size ? Is it adjustable to fill the screen or is this just how it is,hope someone may have an answer.
Thanks for reading & thanks in advance this is on the MA2 not sure if it’s the same as other dji drones.
Once again thanks :blush:

Thats using the whole of the sensor, when you put it in 16:9 its actually cropping the image (losing pixels)

Sensors are (generally) 4:3 or 3:2


Ah ok so in theory bigger your stretching it losing detail ? The square size smaller but keeping more detail ? Is that right,or less pixilated for better words Thankyou for your help.

Have a read of this


Sensor sizes for the DJI range

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Ok I think I get all that and Thankyou for you help.I probally need to read a few more times to really absorb it,I suppose it’s trial and error also and just trying differnt things like maybe put the drone up on the POI don’t move the drone take a pic using each mode,then possibly go back to the first mode but with differnt camera values & run the same threw each aspect ratio ( size ) I think that’s the word & then compare which one done the best without editing & learn from there,would I be right in saying the cleaner cut the image straight off the drone the easier to work with in edit,many many thanks

In 16:9 it isn’t stretching the image. It is cropping the image. So you are getting the same resolution in the image but the top and bottom of the image is cropped.

You could take the full image at native resolution… 4:3… and crop it yourself in a editor to be 16:9 and you would get the same pic at the end. There won’t be any detail lost between them… just that you don’t have to do the crop yourself so if you want pics in 16:9 it is easier to let the camera do the crop for you.

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Life was much easier when it was deciding on what size prints 6 by 4 or for a pound extra per roll 7 by 5.

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I always shot transparency… I did my own processing at home :slight_smile:

There is a benefit of doing it natively in the drone app though which is ease of composition.

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