Short circuit - suspected F/c issue

So after a great weekend at the meet my final flight ended with the camera going blank at the end of the flight.

I’d recently upgraded the fpv camera so suspected it was a loose connection.

However I did notice some smoke when I plugged the battery in so promptly disconnected that.

After a process of elimination and unplugging various things it seems my fc may be the problem as when it’s unplugged the short saver shows no faults.

Any tips on how I work out what’s shorting it?
I’m scratching my head right now and thinking of just ordering a new fc

What quad was it on?

And what FPV camera?

And when you say image went black did you still have an OSD?

It takes time but the foolproof way is to disconnect every supply off the FC board, then add them in one at a time and then you’ll see what is causing the problem.

It’s the chimera 4. Landing wasn’t that hard .
Screen went totally blank - a bit like when the camera is unplugged - no osd- I’ll post a video shortly.

Camera is Caddx ratel 2

Thanks Steve. I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Will give it a go and keep you posted

All well and good, might solve the issue, but if its something that is connected to the FC that caused it to blow then it will just fry your new one as well. Really need to figure out what caused the issue before replacing anything :+1:t2:

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Sound advice mate and thank you.

Will start the de soldering now

I’d start with what ever changes you made first. I can’t see it coming from the factory with a short on it :+1:t2:

That’s the thing. The short is happening even though ive de soldered the camera.

Short saver isn’t registering a short now but is getting incredibly hot.

Think it’s blown.

Fc is unplugged and no short. Plug it in and short

You said smoke come out, did you see where abouts the smoke came from?

Post a photo of your flight controller and camera so a few pairs of eyes can have a look :+1:t2:

Smoke seems to be coming from around the area where you plug the usb in

Can you show the other side? There are probably 5v regulators underneath. 5 pin. They pop often

Looks like a bridged pad :thinking:

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Will sort that and see what happens

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There you go

Sorted that. Same issue.

Now not registering a short on the short saver but fc very hot as soon as connected.

Initial beeps sound when powered on but the 2nd higher pitched beeps aren’t happening

Be careful with the shortsaver some times the motors beeping draws more than 1amp and will give you a false reading. If you’ve got a different smoke stopper like the TBS one then try it with that one as well.

These get hot if they are damaged by a short circuit. They are replaceable, but a PIA. 5v (or 3.3v) regs.

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not sure what you mean here mate but sounds like its a new fc time?

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Yeah unfortunately