Short Hyperlapse over lake

I did this hyperlapse yesterday ( and my very first too) over a lake at Rickmansworth.
It took 125 pictures and at the time I thought that it was a lot but seeing the length I will reconsider for next time.
Thanks to Eric Matyas for the music


Great subject - just the right kind of movement!

How long was the recording period?

Anyway - it get you the H-y-p-e-r-l-a-p-s-e Badge. :+1:


I did stretched it a little bit in Resolve but I think it was less than 10 seconds.
Thanks for the badge OV

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I meant the actual time to record. 20 minutes?

Oh I see. About 10 minutes

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That’s useful info.

Done a lot of time-lapse over the years, and one of the most difficult thing to judge in advance is the recording time to video time ration to get the right amount and speed of movement. Probably why I cheat with the drone and just record shit loads of video and then speed it up shit loads. :wink:


Then HDR the shit out of it? :wink:


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That’s easy. That’s just mental arithmetic.

It’s the look of the movement that’s difficult/impossible to anticipate.
In advance you don’t know how much/fast things will move.
Difficult to ask a construction company to dismantle a building and start again because the cranes moved more than you anticipated between shots.

In the digital era it’s free to take more than needed, less cheap when I used to do them using 16mm.

@MiMo28’s example is now something I have noted for this subject matter.

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I thought everything was cheaper in Dicks days ?

That is great, love it. :+1:

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Thank you Frank