Short vid of the flooding near me

So I had to pop out yesterday and risk the high winds and extreme cold to get some of the flooding just a few hundred yards from my house in Nuneaton.


Great video, could potentially be very helpful to landowners and residents alike

Great Video Jay, and, you caught the train just right !.

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Thanks guys. I would have liked to have flown around a bit but the wind was so ridiculous I’m supprised I got anything at all. 40+ mph . At 300feet I had to keep the throttle on full to stay stationary.

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Made me think of how things have changed even in my short lifetime Years ago it was very common to hear others dreams of a house by the river Don’t hear that much said these days!

P.S Video length spot on for my liking :scream: :grin:

The video is concise, perfect length & on point. Smooth transitions, great sound & good quality considering the cloudy conditions. My guess is that the footage was taken by a Mavic, is this correct?

Yep, good old trusty mavic.