Should I buy a Flyer ID card to wear on a lanyard?

Hi All,

I noticed on ebay people are selling flyer ID which you can hang around your neck what do you guys think are they worth getting or a paper version does the job ?


No, I think its a slippery slope in many ways.

If someone wants to talk to you, you need to bring the drone home safely and land it and not be distracted. Having them grabbing something around my neck to see my name is going to distract and cause risk to the “aircraft” and those under it. So if this was to happen, I would ask them to hang on whilst I make things safe, then have a lovely chat with them. Then be miffed as they made me miss my best shot.

I think having one is handy ( and I have one with my A2CofC details etc ), but not for public display.


Anyone coming up to someone and straight out trying to look at a lanyard ID around their neck while they’re flying is extremely unlikely to say the least and if they did they’d quite right get told to **** right off.

I have both my ID and my insurance in a holder attached to my backpack in case anyone wants to see it. And if someone wants to talk to me I don’t ‘have’ to bring the drone down. Depending on how they approach me will have a direct effect on how I react to them. If they want to talk they can wait until I’m done or I may just stop, hover and engage with them for a minute or two.

I have both on me when I’m flying for one reason and one reason only. If I’m approached in a cordial manner by someone wanting to know what I’m doing it can perhaps help to de-escalate the situation by alleviating someones concerns.


I agree with that sentiment.
However I believe NO ONE other than a Govt Dept warrant card holder is entitled to ask for your ID. (and there are a few!) and they should carry a warrant which you can ask to see…and check on if required.


Chance of you meeting someone that actually knows what they are looking at is extremely slim, I have one but it expired so I never bothered renewing it, I carry my FPVUK and Coverdrone docs with me inside my case, so if anyone official needs to see them they can


HM Police, the Military Police and Border Control & Customs are the only people that can legally ask for ID and the only time you’re legally obliged to hand it over is when in control of a motor vehicle. At least that’s how I understand the law to be.

If you’re going to be a Karen or a Kevin about me doing something that’s perfectly legal then I’m afraid I haven’t got the time of day for you and certainly not the inclination to engage in conversation.

On the flip side of that I’ve had some wonderful conversations with perfectly polite people when I’ve been out and about with the drone.


I’ve always got with me:
BMFA membership card
FPVUK membership card
OP and FLY details on a card
A2CofC card
GVC card
If anybody wants to see them I just let them have a gander, got nothing to hide. If they piss me off, I just tell them they’re breaking the ANO CAP393 Article 240 etc, they soon sod off and leave me alone!


Same for me I have everything available but don’t have it on show.


Except ANO Article 240 (endangerment of an aircraft) does not apply to unmanned aircraft due to article 23.
So it’s not an offense for someone to endanger your UAV … but it would be an offence for your UAV to endanger a manned aircraft.
Otherwise the Act empowering the Police to insist you ground your aircraft, even if dangerous, would be in contradiction to the ANO

I know, but 99.99999% of Joe Public don’t!


I carry my Flyer and Operator ID on a home made card. Just printed on a blank business card, then laminated. I would be concerned about giving away my details to someone on the internet for something that’s not needed.