Should I buy Litchi

I have had zero issues with DJI GO4 and the only thing that has taken my interest in Litchi is the ability to create missions. I have now realised that DJI GS Pro is able to do the same kind of mission flights I have yet to get a chance to try it out. Has anyone used GS Pro ? does it work the same as Litch missions ? Is Litch worth buying if I have no issue with go4 ?

I’ve got Litchi on my wishlist :+1:

From reading reviews, it’s a lot easier to use than GS and offers more functionality too.

It gets my vote :slight_smile:

I bought Lit hi and like it, being able to plan missions on the website first is great

Ever done a 360 pic with it @Creaky? I’m not sure how it works yet!

Not tried that yet, bank holiday next weekend so may try it then.

I have Litchi. Mainly for the ease of use of it’s waypoint missions, which can be set-up ahead of time on a PC/Laptop etc and then transferred to the Litchi App for flying later.

Yet to use it fully, but I’m going to fly a large Resevoir on Sept 1st using the Waypoints Mission on Litchi.

** Caveat with Litchi - If your Mavic is new and you have DJI Refresh, you will not be covered using 3rd party apps

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Downloaded Litchi as I could not get GS Pro to work. Waypoints are a breeze with it, love the ease of use. Well worth the App Store price.
First attempt with waypoints Barton Bridge (AGAIN !) it’s the only scenic thing on my way to work.


Very nice Steve.

May I ask what speed you had set for travelling between the waypoints


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Cheers - It was nice and smooth, not rushed :+1:

I’ve got litchi, again mainly for waypoints, and have never had an issue. I have found that sometimes Go4 doesn’t kill all its processes on android and that can confuse Litchi a bit.

i also have Drone Harmony - which is a waypoint type thing - and that works well too. Plus it isn’t as complicated as Litchi. Drone Harmony just flies the pattern without all the bells and whistles.

My advice would be to take a punt - it’s only £20 and is a very good app although I would expect GO4 to have the same functionality before too long.

Would they not want to keep all that for the likes of Ground Station?

Maybe, but Litchi and other apps are able to offer it.

Now, the DJI interface is open source. At the minute DJI are saying that unless you fly using GO4 you wont be covered - but this is fairly dodgy because of the open source issue. They could close it down, change a few procedure calls, issue an update and effectively close down Litchi (and all the other apps) but this would be a risky strategy - I think the fact that they publish their application interface helps to make them popular, after all it means we all get new software to play with.

I haven’t looked in to ground station so I don’t know where it sits, at the minute it only supports IOS and I’m an android user. I really see ground station as more of a ‘professional’ product for those who are filming / farming for a living or flying beyond LOS.

It makes sense to bring in some of the Litchi type functionality into GO4 in order to keep people using your software.

I love Litchi, but do feel a little uncomfortable using it because I know if anything goes wrong DJI are going to give me grief. I’d be happy to pay for the same functionality from DJI just for peace of mind.