Should I fly when a parachute display is taking place?

Should I avoid the area?

If you’re referring to the area around Filey, then I would if it were me. The NOTAM is for parachute activity, so you’re likely to have parachutists and aircraft in the vicinity.

The NOTAM is only until 1345 today, so crack on after that.

If you’re desperate to fly before that point there’s a mobile number in the NOTAM info on DroneScene. You could always give them a call and have a chat about what you want to do and whether it conflicts with the activity.

Yeah, heading that way today. Going to avoid to be honest as it’s not worth the risk.

Maybe go up the coast.

IF there is a NAV warning out about a specific area then you should not operate in the area during the time that area is active. That is why they issue the warning (mainly for full size aviation I know) but better to staty away than be involved in an air accident.
I used to issue and plot these daily on a chart…dozens of them and a real pain they were as well having to be done to the degree/minute/second (and dont get me started on mid air refuelling excercise routes over the North Sea!!) :rofl: