Should I get Insurance

For a casual user like me, should I get insurance?
if so, does anyone have a recommendation? Annual or Pay per flight?


Yes you should.
Try membership with BMFA or FPVUK
Other advice will follow …
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Any particular reason to pick BMFA over FPVUK or vice versa?

@stubbyd did a great roundup of insurance(s) earlier in the year:

You’ll find more GADC members are with FPVUK than BMFA :slight_smile:

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@Ben.B welcome, by the way :smiley:

Try Drone Cover Club, mines under £50 a year as a hobbyist pilot and very good cover too

Hi, I chose Cover Drone as they seemed to offer pretty comprehensive cover for loss or acidental damage to equipment when in use, transport (when travelling or in the car etc.), and storage (when at home, so no need to include on home contents insurance). It includes world wide travel other than some listed countries, £1,000,000 public liability insurance for injury or property damage. It includes crashes and fly aways and flying over water.

My initial premium was £125.78 which gave me £1,150 drone cover for my Mavic Pro, including batteries RC etc, and £420 cover for ground based equipment for other accessories such as bag/case, tablet and other bits and pieces. In August I got a CrystalSky monitor so increased the ground based cover to £1,000 which cost me £7.99. Then in November I got a Mavic 2 Pro so increased the drone cover to £1,650 which cost me £11.40. It also gives New for Old on drone and equipment cover.

I estimate my renewal in Fwbruary next year should be around £190.00. From looking at FPVUK site they are only giving public liabiliy insurance and no cover for your drone and epuipment. However £5,000,000 public liability insurance is good.

I can send you a pdf copy of my policy schedule if you are interested.

Thanks. Coverdrone looks good. Insurance for my Mavic Mini is £47.52.

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I haven’t had to make a claim as yet, hopefully won’t have to, so can’t vouch for how they deal with claims. The other little clause you need to be aware of is the one about following all laws in relation to flying a drone, and I’m pretty sure this would include local bye-laws.

And I have read that even though the Mini is under 250g you will still need to register with the CAA. Maybe someone else can confirm this?

Yes, especially if you are wanting to put the prop guards on or even the custom artwork sticker thing, any additional items that are on the drone take it up to 250 grams. Hopefully, this helps to clear things up!

Take it up to 250g or over 250g?

The thing I heard, I think, was more to do with whether it had a camera, and from a post a day or two ago in comparison to the M2P it was not so easy to tell the difference, so it certainly has a good camera.

Not at the moment, as long as it stays under 250g, but I understand the law might be changing in 2020.

Put a ND filter on the camera and your over 250gm :slightly_frowning_face:
I don’t have one, but if I did I’d treat it as ‘registerable’ to save any hassle

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Yes the laws are changing to EASA rules you should take a look at the thread I created

New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020


This link gives an excelent explanations coming in July next year.

That only gives you public liability and personal accident insurance, you’re hardly likely to injur yourself flying a drone, so the personal accident cover is a bit pointless. The minimum you ccan pay to get up to £750 of cover is £129.95. I have about £2500 worth of drone and equipment wich would cost a whopping £319.95, worldwide travel is another £12.95. I should get all of that for about £200 with CoverDrone.

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You haven’t seen me fly lmao just kidding, looking at upping my cover as I’ve got the Phantom 4 and the Spark and it’s a fair bit to replace them tbh :grin::grin::+1:

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Yeah I took mine out early this year before I went to India, I may not have exactly been following all the regulations while flying, which would mean Icouldn’t make a claim, but at least it was all coered for travel and theft.

My kit now comes to about £2,500 which is a fair amount, you could buy a car for that amount, so I think it is worth insuring. I looked at a few different insurance providers and even what my house contents would cover and in the end went for CoverDrone, the other one I have heard good things about was FlyIcarus Drone Insurance, but their website has been down for ages, so I don’t know what is going on with them, maybe another member can shed some more light on FlyIcarus.

Why I stopped hand catching (for a while)


I doubt they would pay up if you told them you were trying to hand catch it, they would say it was self inflicted injury… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: