Should there be a feedback section?

Somewhere to discuss moderation queries, user feedback and issues relating to technical problems with the site itself?

I was going to post this in pet peeves, but anyway… The reason for this thread.

To me it seems counter unintuitive to have 64 (for arguments sake) different threads with photos and videos of a certain location whenever someone does a new ‘shoot of said location’. I’m not going to pick on anyone in particular as that would be unfair as it just seems the way the site has always worked.

In my humble opinion, if a place exists on Dronescene, all discussion, photos and videos of the location should go into the drone scene thread. After all it’s supposed to be the thread potential newbs who have found the map site click on from within dronescene to ‘discuss this location…’

If the place doesn’t exist on dronescene, fair play, start a new thread or ideally post it in a thread that already exists for the location if there is one. It seems people get posts moved for everything else that’s of similar topic except actual photos and videos. Maybe it’s so people can just discuss their footage, but it seems daft to me for it to not be all in one thread!

Now I’m not saying let’s merge all the existing threads, but maybe future ones, or when one gets bumped or whatever, and obviously, everyone else may think I’m a grumpy so and so and prefer it the way it is.

or maybe it’s just more work for mods they don’t want. Fair enough.

Discuss… maybe.


Perphaps read up on the membership levels :wink:

I’d agree with this, they have enough to deal with as it is.

Also I personally prefer the way it is because then the owner of the footage or photos can get honest feed back on their work rather than being out preformed by somebody else who has better equipment and skills. That’s my 2pence worth :+1:t2:

Will do, but I had to search to find such a thread. Maybe it should be pinned in the announcements section. Which should be the first forum that shows in the lists if it contains site etiquette. :slight_smile:

ETA: About and FAQ is not easily found from the home page :slight_smile:

Burger icon FAQ

It was explained in the welcome email you all recieved :wink:

Ah, no one reads instructions :grin:


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I work in IT. Enough said! :roll_eyes:

Whilst I can understand the logic, in reality people do not use the search function in groups. I have run forums since the 90s and despite some with millions of posts there are many duplications.

Sames goes for the various facebook groups that I am a moderator or an admin on - people just repeat the same question - they are too lazy to search for their answer - let’s face it half the time the question is far quicker to find using Google!

It is the same here - how often are topics merged? That is a lot of work. Yes that might be fine to merge two or three topics on the Mavic 4 SE XLR ii - but is it fair to merge two different people showing off their skills photographing the North Yorkshire Moors?

As I say I could understand the benefits of people being able to see all the videos and photos from one subject, but that would take a lot of work and lots more members of the admin team - it then starts to become a full time job.

We used to have lots of badges here - but it seems that these are no longer given out - again I suspect it needs an admin person to award them - personally I would like to see these return rather than merging too many topics.

Just my view anyway.

Wait, is this a new leak…? :wink:

It was more for future posts, to just merge them into the most replied to existing, rather than doing a retrospective housekeeping exercise. I understand would be way too much work, but I think the consensus was to keep multiple topics on peoples individual posts. Which is fair enough, although i still think merging would be more beneficial in terms of learning and seeing what others have done, rather than replies just saying ‘cool pic’