Should you help obvious newcomers

So today I made a trip with the familly for a walk along Tentsmuir Beach, and yes of course I done my research first as it’s right beside RAF Leuchars. I walked up the beach until I was outside of the FRZ and put the mini2 in the air, DJI still wouldn’t let me fly above 200ft though. I got some crap photos and decided to walk back down and meet up with the sprogs for a bite to eat. On the way I saw a guy with a mini3, I walked over and smiled and asked the usual “how you doin’ mate, did you actualy get that to fly” No was the answer. I asked if it was a DJI mini3 and he confirmed by showing me it, covered in sand, no OP ID anywhere to be seen. The gimble and the lense were caked with it! I told him that if he wants to fly he’ll need to walk 200 yards up the beach as where we are standing now is in Leuchars FRZ, DJI software wont allow you to fly here. I got a mumbled response, “how far do I have to walk?” I passed on details for here and dronescene, then left. I really should have spent some more time in trying to pass some info over, but if I’m being honest? I couldn’t be arsed, he’s just spent a small fortune on a drone and quite obviously doesn’t care that it’s getting ruined by trying to take off from sand, so he’s quite obviously not going to be too bothered about OP IDs and where you can fly. Now that I’m back home? I wish I had spent some more time with him, even if he did think I was a geeky twat. Might have saved him some money and/or a talking to by the local MP.


I would normally in such a situation ask how long he’s been flying or how long he’s had the drone. Then from that response, judge how receptive he/she may be to advice, trying to keep away from the legal stuff to start, so as not to come across as a Kevin/Karen. Then get into the legality of what they can or can’t do.

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Had in incident the other month with an experienced pilot landing a mavic 3 within 5 ft of the general public, i didn’t say anything as he said he had an OA. I wasn’t going to preach.


My concern wouldn’t be the money he had spent, or the fact that he obviously didn’t know what he was doing. My concern would be the impression he leaves for the rest of us who are trying to do the right thing and not leave a bad impression.

This is probably his second drone, the first got confiscated when he tried to fly it up to a Hawker Hurricane.