Shouldn’t laugh 😂

Shouldn’t laugh but there was a woman walking her dog on the crags early this morning and when she heard the drone she pulled her jumper over her head waving her arms about :joy::joy::joy:

Hopefully when my new Master air screw props arrive tomorrow they sound less like a swarm of :honeybee:


Hope the lady in question had under clothes on ? Could have been very embarrassing.

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UN- BEE-leavable!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hahahahaha love it :blush:

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I know I wish the drone had captured it, would have gone viral in the drone world :joy:

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Brilliant :joy: :joy:

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She must of watched 4 Lions & thought the motion would blur the spy camera.
Didn’t you want to go ask her what she’s hiding from? Tell her the police are in the area & she’s lucky she confused them with her arm waving. :joy::joy::joy: