Shout out from Cheshire

Hi all,

Have made a couple of other “questions” posts, but thought better say hi properly. I’m located in Cheshire, so hope to find some good spots to fly once confident enough. Other than having a few “toy” drones (you know the £20-£30 ones) round the house, I’ve never flown one outside, etc.

I have just bought a radiomaster TX16S transmitter, won an ebay auction of a tiny hawk (I think), and ordered some EV800D’s to get me going. I intend to spend a lot of time on Sims before going outside, and afetr a few hours have managed to get some decent flight in FPV Air 2, and liftoff (quite nice having two sims). Thought I’d never get it, but managed to go round the basic course on FPV Air 4 times without crashing eventually last night! Hah.

I intend to then play round in the house before taking my pilots course, probably self build (I love the idea of making my own drone) a 5 incher for outside! FPV interests me more, but will probably end up doing some LOS (esp when haven’t got a spotter to help me!). I find FPV easier in Acro mode than LOS anyways. I assume you can switch between Acro and level mode on betaflight/OpenTX when out and about!

Anyways, that’s enough for now. Great information here, and loving some of the videos I’ve seen! Thanks!