Show us your charging stations

So here I am getting sorted to go meet up with some mates to go flying and moaning about how I can only charge 8 batteries at a time


thats not a fire hazard…

Not quite as complex looking as @anon34183503 setup, but here’s my 100W Phantom 4 charger connected to the Mavic Pro Advanced Hub (note the fan in the middle).

It also charges the Mavic remote and the two CrystalSky batteries at the same time, from just the one charger.

The Inspire setup is similar except that runs a 180W brick, but can also charge the Inspire RCs and CrystalSky hub :+1:t2:

Can only charge one Inspire controller at a time though :confused:


Also note the dab of paint on the RC connector, showing which way is ‘up’ :roll_eyes:

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This was mine before I sold the Spark and added some others :no_mouth:

I now have one of these as well.

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Must… resist… :see_no_evil:


Well, I started a deep cycle last night with the intention of some "Inspire"rational flying at some time today, it’s taking longer than I thought, only half way through and later we have rain for the next (Inset number) days :disappointed:
So here is another photo to get you reaching for that search engine :laughing:

You’ve lost some numbers Rich

They are on the other batteries that I’m not deep cycling Jeff :wink:

where are there wheels?

You Mavic owners have no idea about battery maintenance :grin:

should we ?

i do have one of these

i need new batteries as the old ones have not been used and are now a little buckled (fat)

It doesn’t mention it in the manual like it does for the Inspire, I’m sure the Phantom 4 and maybe the 3 you have to deep cycle the batteries to 5% every 10 charges as well.
I’ll have to look that up again.

That’s not good.
Is that a 3 or a 2 in your photo?

a 1
I tried to put a gimbal on it all went well till i bought a cheap adjuster for the controller and popped a fuse
just need a fuse resistor rated at 1.5 amps (i think) and new batteries and I’m out and about with another drone but without a camera hated having to set an angle for the go pro and the jello effect

I’ve not gone back that far with the tech so can’t help sorry.