Shropshire Hills

Hi All
Just signed up. Based in Shropshire Hills and have lots to learn. I have a video taken locally but not sure where to put it (or the link - it’s on YouTube) so you can see where I am.
Is this how it works?


Welcome Ron to the best drone forum in the UK.
One of our Moderators will be along to welcome you properly at some point.
But from one of the Silver haired old farts ,Welcome !.
Feel free to pick our brains on any concerns you may have, there is a lot of very experienced drone flyers on here from all walks of life.

Welcome to GADC Ron, as the “Silver Haired Old Fart” :smiley: said one of the Mods will be along soon to give you the official welcome.

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Thanks for the welcome Chris.

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Thanks for the prompt welcome :+1:

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Be safe Ron, watch it out there !.

You can just copy the Youtube link straight from their site, and paste it in a post on here Ron.

Ok, I will get onto that tomorrow, thanks

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