Sickly head tracking fun with the Avata

Some footage from the other week while practising with the Avata. I chose a decent park with loads of stuff to get round and through, and also switched head tracking mode on for a laugh. I quite enjoyed meself :grin:.
Put it together while under the inFLUance of having a bad cold kindly passed onto me by the other half…share and share a like I suppose…
The intro and outro are from the mini 3 pro…


Wow hard to tell when using the head tracking, is this with a remote or motion controller, I’ve only got the motion controller

I flew it using the motion controller.
I actually don’t know about H/T and manual mode, but will have a look next time I’m out. Man that would be stupendous :crazy_face:
Reason why I haven’t thought about tbh, is your control in manual is of what skill you have of flying,how you fly is what you shoot, the motion controller and headtracking is just a half way house. I never thought of H/T in manual.

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Lots of intricate piloting here, well done!