Sideways Flight, DJI mini 3 pro

I’ve taken the drone up a fair few times now & pretty happy with how it’s going. Should I now activate sideways flying?
What are the risks of sideways flying as it’s set to off as default? TIA.

First thing I can think of is hopefully not a sideways possible collision, especially if your not familiar with the surroundings, just take it steady :+1:t2:

Yeah as that’s the only way to fly it properly just don’t fly into something like Kirky says :wink:

I’ll be sure to be careful, I treat this drone like my first girlfriend :heart_eyes:

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I didn’t know you could restrict it

I have a Mini 2, and it has no obstacle avoidance features at all.
From day one, I have had to be careful in all directions…. So you should be fine, just be aware of where the drone is flying :wink:

Well depending on how it finished will depend if it is a good idea. Serious though. Just be careful. Remember they can not see sideways. I went sideways the once and clipped a branch and it ended bad but I was in an area with very close trees. It was my fault though. Just take it easy, get used to it and you will start to get real good at it. If unsure, just do not go sideways. Just cause it is activated you are still in control and it will only go sideways if you tell it to.

Yes we have the mini 2 aswell. The funny thing is. I never crashed the mini 2… I crashed the mini 3… (The mini 3 was a total silly move by me). The drones are pretty good and do as you tell them. If you panic, let go of the controls (not the controller) and it will hover. Then you get a moment to chill and work out what to do next.


Managed to take the drone up after work for a little while with sideways flight activated. What a difference it made. I found it so much easier to fly, happy flying.

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I haven’t activated sideways flying yet on my M3P, after this post I might have a go next time I’m out in the daylight. :joy:

To be honest, I never knew you could stop the sideways. I have always just flown it and not had major problems. Just take care in confined spaces and look out what you do.

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To be honest i hate obsticle avoidance when i’m in control and don’t rely on it. That said when using automated functions like POI it does come in handy, but again never nneeded it for that.
As your confidence grows so will your abilities. Be aware of your surroundings and the path your drone is going to take and you should be fine.
Turn it off and get some great panning shots.

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Most of my flying is very close to objects like houses, trees etc for work. Every incident I have had has been due to sideways flying. Once a propeller hits a branch/twig or a wall it is fine. What is not fine is the subsequent landing. I’ve got through 2 gimbals so far!

I have invested in propeller guards, but officially, it takes the weight over 250g by about 10g…. So I haven used very often, but most of the time I’m not flying anywhere near uninterested parties.

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