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If this article is true I will quit my job tomorrow.

I like the comments against this article the first one is a full blown rant from someone with alot of knowledge on the subject, the second just made me laugh.

Also the third paragraph says that a commercial airline pilot could earn as little as £20k?? I find that hard to believe (I have done no research)

Is this the same government that saw a drone at Gatwick?


A pilot friend of mine was on £100,000+ over 15 years ago… maybe that’s why Monarch went bust :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t Ryanair pilots have to pay the company?

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Don’t they get paid depending on the routes they fly. I think they start at the bottom, Spain etc. Then work their way up to longer flights? I’m sure a pilot who I used to fly fixed wing RC on occasion with, told me this. He now lives in Dubai, very happily flying for them and earning ’ Loads a Money’.

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Seeing what the movie industry have drone-wise, it’s mind-blowing!

There’s a commercial drone company nearby and they easily have £100,000 worth of equipment proudly displayed (weirdly, with the address to the warehouse :thinking:).

Those folks working on movies are probably some of the people in the top-earning gatagory. Skilled UAV operators for one-take filming situations.

Something a few of us didn’t realise on the PfCO course, sat there with our Mavic Pros and excited to work on the latest blockbuster :joy:.

From the photo in the article, also heard that there is quite a lot of work with drones on the oil rigs. One catch was that there was a special certification or license you needed to work on the platforms there.

I’m excited with EASA if we’ll see more small odd-jobs coming up for drone operators. From roof inspections to wedding photography - it’s an exciting time!

I’m not sure of the exact requirements, but I do know that you need to be trained on what to do when the helicopter transporting you to/from the rig decides to go for a swim.