Signal loss

Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas! I, like possibly lots of you, I’ve been making the most of the good weather and taking my MP2 out for adventures. Today I was flying over Weymouth beach and I was only about a mile away when the drone started to struggle for signal. Immediately, I brought it back home and everything was fine. Considering the MP2 is meant to have a range of 5 miles, why would the signal be so weak and get lost temporarily after only a mile?

Any ideas would be appreciated just for curiosity. I don’t tend to fly far normally but this was a lovely day with line of sight.

Possibly the orientation of the RC antenna?

If the MP is some way off, these should be vertical with the flat side facing the Mavic, not the ends pointing toward it … a mistake that some people make.

I’ve just been over 2 miles out to sea in Southsea … no probs … with my MP.

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Thank you! I’ll try that next time

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Don’t forget that any quoted numbers you see like that will (literally) be in laboratory conditions, and not in the real world where we all live :blush:

As well as the position of the aerials affecting the range, don’t forget that trees or any other object can reduce or block the signal. As a general rule, the further out you fly, the higher you need to be to keep a strong signal. Unless you are over water with an uninterrupted line of sight.
6 mile range is under optimum conditions, a bit like saying my car does 75mpg…yeh sure, on a laboratory rolling road with no wind resistance or stop-start traffic it might.

Serious lack of trees on that beach. Lots of sand! :wink:

Shortly after I posted, earlier, my MP was only about 100ft directly above me … and I had to put my controller down, briefly, to do something … leaving the MP to hover.
As soon as I put the controller down, I immediately got a weak signal warning … because the antenna (ends) were pointed directly upward at it. Just 100ft!

Bugger. But it’s one to remember for us all

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Wet trees are three times worse, too. :wink:

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