Signing in from the Midlands

Hi Guys and Dolls,

Fairly new Mavic Pro flyer here from the West Midlands.

I’m a web developer, and interested in all things photographic. Just added the Mavic to my collection of serious toys.

Looking to get and share some Great Aerial shots and footage with everyone and to assist with tips and help regarding photo and video editing.

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Hi from t’up nort’ :wink:

So now I’m intruiged!

What other ‘serious toys’ are in this fine collection of yours? :smiley:

Haha, mainly just photographic equipment.

Oh and I love shooting things in General. Got my Shotgun license and you will quite often find me knocking things out of the sky, not Drones though!

Lol! Glad to hear it :smiley:

I think my only other serious toys are my PSVR :joystick: and my GSXR :motorcycle:


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Although the PSVR might not be considered serious :smiley:

I was a gamer for many years. Only recently gave away my XB1 to my son.

My background is in photography. Used to lug a full SLR kit around everywhere (think it gave me a permanent stoop!). Now I carry GoPro cameras, my iPhone - and as of this week - my Mavic Pro. Photography has got a lot lighter!