Signs at Draycott water

Hi all

Just thought to share. I went to Draycott water today for a shot on the air 2.

I found these signs dotted around the entrance, just encase people travelled a distance to do some flights at the water.

Bottom of the sign states no drones and the rangers are on it.

Legal you can still fly over but I guess you can’t take off and land on their property.

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Most Severn Trent sites have these rules if birds or other wildlife are known to breed in the area. Other sites I guess might be catching up. We know the rules and they know the rules although they say less on purpose knowing pilots will get grief from Kevin and Karen if they just state ‘no drones’ without context.

So can you fly planes and helicopters over it? Neither of which is a drone?

You can fly a drone over it too - you just can’t take off or land a drone there. It’s likely therefore the rules are the same for drones as for planes and helicopters. Because I dare say if you rocked up with a plane or a helicopter on a trailer attached to the back of your car they’d get a bit upset if you tried to fly it from their land.

Doesn’t seem to be any stealth launch sites nearby, no laybys you could pull up in a van, open the side door and do a launch from. I don’t live anywhere near it though, but it is irksome. Still maybe it’s saving members from sending there expensive drones to a watery grave. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically the tank and firepower show is in the field on the other side every year and they have helicopters flying low and all sorts over that weekend.