Simple course lock

Course lock to me is where you can set (Lock) your direction of travel but then independently yaw or throttle up/down following a point of interest manually & the drone will still fly in the same, continuous direction as you go forward or even backwards. (Is this correctly described? - This is what I want to achieve anyway :blush::+1:)

I was told you could do this in the DJIGo4 app but I can’t get it to do it. I was also told I would need the Litchi app?
Any advise welcome please.

You can use Tap Fly for this.

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Certainly it can be done, exactly as you describe, in Litchi.

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I don’t think it’s a flight mode available to the Mavic 2. Neither is Home lock I believe which either takes your drone to or from your home point irrespective of which way it’s facing.
As you describe course lock will send drone either forwards or backwards in the direction you set.
They are both handy for POIs.

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Can’t say I’ve used that mode yet so I’ll play around with it. Cheers :+1:

Thanks - Tao Fly ‘free’ mode will do that for me Couldn’t alter hight with stick, had to tap te screen above the artificial horizon but it certainly lets me follow my POI & later gimbal angle & zoom.
Thanks for the advice & it’s a great feature.


Course lock and home lock were included on the first of the “Off The Shelf” drones, namely the Phantom 1, Blade 350QX, and Walkera QRX350. The function was intended to aid new flyers in their first steps of flying as many struggled with control when flying “nose in”.

These two options are something I’ve never used, however reading the comments above I now see there maybe some creative potential.


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I’ve flown fixed wing models years ago so nose in isn’t a problem but being able to pan smoothly around multiple points of interest without thinking about a steady flight passing over & rotating whilst directing the gimbal down & then up again becomes simple especially if separating the hands too :blush::blush:

Tap fly is great if flying past something. The ability to keep it on screen as you approach, pass and then as it recedes looks really slick. Some stick practice is required and I’d drop the sensitivity a touch

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Definitely. I’ve also set up a custom stick mode so I’ve moved the yaw to the RH stick allowing both hands the freedom of separate control. Nice yaw past with a drop gimbal & pick up again looked good as I was as about 20’ away from my POI :+1::+1: