Skipsea East Yorkshire Erosion

one of my regular trips to skipsea


Great clip! :heart_eyes::ok_hand: also a possible entry for the #challenges in there to of the caravan site :wink:

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Hi, Nice clip, be interesting to see this re-done after this winter. Must be worrying for those householders whose gardens looked to be disappearing. :astonished:

Yes very worrying I will go back I spring only an hour away great place to fly

Very interesting - I am trying to do the same filming on the west coast of Anglesey which is suffering the same fate - fortunately no houses etc but a forest is disappearing into the sea at an alarming rate. Will try to post up a vid when weather allows. So its happening from the east coast all the way to the furthest west point. I believe there is a site that asks for such footage to be passed on for environmental monitoring purposes but I’m not sure if its Gov backed or just an environmental group. Well worth regular filming I reckon.

I was filming there 2 years ago I haven’t had time to check on erosion against this video

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