Skyzone 02X FPV Goggles - For Sale

I have for sale my Skyzone 02X FPV goggles.

They are in excellent condition, I’ve always cased them and taken care of them.
(there are a few small holes in the strap which I put in to keep power lead tidy. They do not affect operation in anyway)

Comments from a reviewer:

“The 02X has a built-in camera in the front so you can see in front of you without having to lift the goggles off of your head. Initially, I thought it was a gimmick, but if you wear glasses and have lenses inserted to help you see this is extremely useful. They use 16:9 screens but they are switchable to 4:3 if you prefer. I found the image to be extremely clear and better than both my Fat Sharks and Aomways. The resolution is 854 x 480 and the IPD can move from 59-69 mm. It ships with a carrying case and a pair of dipole antennas. The case is nice but I’d recommend upgrading the antennas. The button layout is pretty simple and well labeled. Switching between channels and bands is very quick and easy. You can power the Skyzone 02X goggles with a 2S-6S battery which is a really nice option. They are light and comfortable and only weigh 206 grams.
Really it is hard to beat these goggles. They are lightweight, the picture quality is fantastic. The fan works like a charm and they even look good. The user interface is intuitive and accessing menus is both quick and easy. I’ve made the switch to these goggles and I’ve been quite happy with them”

Description from FlyingTech webshop

‘Offered as a popular alternative to the Fatshark Goggle series, Skyzone’s SKY02X FPV goggle provide an immersive visual experience and a ton of other features at an attractive price point.
While the screen isn’t of the OLED type, it still has a good resolution and the colours are really vivid (for those wanting an OLED goggle, checkout the SKY03O. It also has an advantage over a lot of other headsets in that it supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspects ratios. So whatever camera you choose, this goggle will display the picture without distortion or cropping.
The goggles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and weigh just 206 grams so you’ll barely notice wearing them. To fit a range of users, the IPD (interpupillary distance) can move from 59-69 mm and the goggle can fit diopter lenses. There’s also a ventilation fan to prevent fogging.
The goggle features an inbuilt 5.8GHz FPV receiver so it’s ready to go from the off, you don’t need to purchase a receiver module for it. If you already have receiver module you can use it in conjunction with Skyzone’s detachable external module bay (available separately). The receiver is of the diversity type so you can mix antenna types to get the best reception. It also has an auto scan function with RSSI signal strength indicator, which is a really handy feature.
Another standout feature of this goggle is that it supports both 2D and 3D video. To make use of the 3D functionality is really easy. Simply get two FPV cameras and connect them to two video transmitters set to difference frequencies. The goggle will then be able to tune into both video feeds and merge them into a stereoscopic image.
The features on the SKY02X don’t stop there. There’s also a built-in front facing camera which might sounds like a novelty but it’s actually pretty useful for finding your remote control without having to take the goggles off; a DVR for recording flight footage, which is also useful if you crash as you can play back footage to help find your model; and support for head tracking which can make FPV even more immersive
The goggles come with all the cables you’ll need to get going and usefully they can be powered by any 2S to 6S LiPo. It doesn’t have to be a special headset battery, it could be a spare quad battery. It also ships with a carrying case and a pair of dipole antennas - we would recommend upgrading the antennas, but they will get you started.
Overall the SKY02X is one of the best value goggles on the market now and has received great reviews from the FPV community. We’d recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade from a box type goggle or get into more serious FPV flying.


5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver Module, supports 48 channels in 6 bands including Race Band; On-screen RSSI indicator

Adjustable 59-69mm wide range IPD

16:9 / 4:3 switchable

Integrated front camera

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Built-in head tracker

Built-in fan for defogging and cooling, adjustable fan speed

3D / 2D Modes

Mini HDMI Input

Required: 2~6S Lipo Battery / or any standard FPV goggle battery’

Colour is Green,

Photographs of actual goggles following shortly

I’m looking for £150

Carriage free to mainland UK, other areas please enquire.

Collection possible from Nuneaton, Midlands, CV11 4xx



Ninja Turtle Green too! Look awesome :ok_hand:t2: Are you getting an upgrade Steve?

Yes, Steve
I got the OLED 04’s for my birthday :+1: :+1:

Ah Happy Birthday mate :birthday: Great goggles too :+1:t2:

Happy Birthday, Steve. I too have the 04X’s and I consider them the best goggles I’ve ever used. I’ve converted mine to the V2 by installing the 60fps DVR.

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I didn’t need to, mine were bought as V2’s :+1:

Great goggles these. Only reason I’d get rid of mine would be for the oleds like you

Good price Steve. Bargain.

(Stick it on ebay. That way buyers send you money and you get to keep the goggles and ebay will do nothing about it as they are a ‘marketplace’. :rage:)

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