Slemish Mountain

Short compilation of footage from a day of having climbed Slemish Mountain.


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Nice video Steve - Slemish is on my list of places to revisit. The last day I was there it was with the Mavic 2 Pro and the car park was full and even some cars at the side of the road. There were quite a few families with kids and a couple of rambling clubs so I didn’t want to fly with so many people around. It was at a weekend just after the covid restrictions had been relaxed and people were mad keen to get out again.If I’d had the Mini 2 I’d have given it a go, hence the plan to go back there for a return trip. On several previous visits (before I had a drone) there were times when I was the only vehicle in the car park, but that’s always the way, isn’t it. :roll_eyes:

Thanks - this is all new to me… Steve

Thanks - it was a great experience. The ‘other side’ of the story is that due to the increased wind whilst filming I was unable to bring the drone back ‘home’ to it’s original take off point and helplessly watch it disappear into a famers field!! It’s a long story that includes a local farmer and his son helping me to find it (but didn’t at the time) but his son found it later, and it was returned to me without a scratch. I learnt a lot from that experience!!

It always seems to be windy there. If was heading up it’d be a planned trip so I’d have to take whatever the weather threw at me. I’m happy enough to fly if the wind isn’t too bad, but the rain would be a definite no. :crossed_fingers: