Slight problem with interference from other operators

Hi, I seem to be having a problem with other operators signal interfering with my video feed back. I have flown with two other operators and none of them get any interference from me but my image occasionally breaks up or pix-elates or freezes while they are transmitting. It is not a constant interference it comes and goes. Can anyone shed some light on how to fix it, Thanks.

What are you flying ?

Phantom series don’t particularly like playing nice with each other in my experience

It’s Mavic 2 Zoom mate.

Pass if you’re all using mavics I’ve never had that, might be worth trying with a different phone/tablet or check the cable you are using.

What are the other drones?

Your mavic 2 has a 1080p downlink and might need more bandwidth than the other drones.

You could try lowering transmission quality in go4 and see if that makes a difference.

The only time I’ve had really poor connectivity was flying over an area that was probably saturated with WiFi access points.

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Thanks for reply’s I’ll try a new cable and see

OK I’ve done some playing around as not only do I have the problem when flying a long side other operators I get bad image when switching on inside my home. I have found though if I set it from dual or 5.8GHz to 2.4GHz it is fine so it seems the problem is only while I’m in 5.8GHz. Could it be I have a faulty 5.8GHz transmitter?? What do you chaps with the Mavic 2 have it set too. Thanks for any help you can give.

Can’t say I have had any problem with that with mine (Mavic 2 Pro)
I was flying in an area in Italy only a few days ago, where there were at least 2 other M2 drones, and a Air flying in close proximity (the operators were no more than a 100 yds from me) IF, and that very big IF ! they were following the Italian Drone Code (which I doubt !) they should have been flying at a max height of 70 mtrs with a distance of 200 mtrs max.
There machines were well beyond 200 metres distance, so much so I went over (after landing my drone) and spoke to them (they were Americans).
And asked why they were flying beyond the 200 metres legal limit.
I thrusted a copy of the Italian Drone Laws in front of them ,and they promptly landed and pissed off !.
Good for me as I had no other drones racing around with a load of arseholes at the controls.
Mine never once showed any signs of interference from them.

What are you using for a screen? Tablet, phone etc? Try dropping the quality of the live image as this often helps.

I’m changing the drone it seems to be a fault with the 5.8Ghz frequency it is unusable if I change to 5.8 even close up.

Update on my Problem I wanted to share in case anyone comes across it. Took my Mavic 2 Zoom back and changed it and all is working correctly now so it was a fault with the 5.8GHz transmitter either in the drone or the remote. unless you check 2.4 and 5.8 GHz separately you may never know the fault is there, it only came to light after easily getting interference from other drone uses that made me check both channels and 5.8 was unusable.