Slightly different sunset pic :)

Swellpro Spry ( not the + unfortunately, with its better camera ) after a spot of pool skimming at low tide :slight_smile:


How are you getting on with it @MartG1960 ?

Last time out I had difficulty with maintaining altitude - it acted like there was a 5s lag on the throttle which made for a few rapid vertical encounters with the ground. :frowning:

I’ve now updated the firmware but not had a chance to try it yet ( so many drones, so little time… :slight_smile: )

The camera doesn’t seem too great - supposed to be capable of 4K50 but seems quite grainy, though of course that may be down to the low light levels when I was flying - trying to figure out a way of mounting a GoPro Session to it ( probably involving rubber bands )


Potential entry for the Fundamental Colour Challenge :thinking: :+1: