Slow Mo Footage

So I have a Holy Stone HS510 beginners drone. The camera will shoot at up to 4k but the default is 2.7k at 30fps. Now, on my phone its no problem shooting at 1080p at 60fps in order to get nice smooth slow motion footage but it would seem there is nowhere in the Orhelia Go app for the HS drones to change the frame rate settings. Your stuck with either 25 fps at 4k or 30fps at 2.7k

So, my question is what can be done, if anything, during the editing in order to smooth out slow motion video. Even at 50% speed 30fps is pants.

Thanks in advance

With some more sophisticated editing software programs, rather than just duplicating every frame to create the slower speed, they have the ability to “create” frames that are a mix of the two each side. These certainly minimise the jittery nature of just slowing it down.

Davinci Resolve, for instance, has (amongst a couple of other settings) two versions of frame interpolation, other than just replicating the “nearest”.

Screenshot 2020-10-14 15.21.46

Both increase the rendering time … optical flow quite significantly, but it does achieve a quite acceptable result.

(Note to self - create an example.)