Slow shutter speed anyone?

Is anyone experimenting with ND filters and slow shutter speeds to give a different look to landscapes?
I tried this one with a 0.8s speed to show some movement in the sea/waves.


This is a timely reminder for me - I have a pack of ND’s but forget to put them on !!! I need to do a proper test really of the different ones, the setting they allow and the final product. In areas like your photo they are essential to bring out the dynamic range - I was finding the 8 was good on overcast days and the 16 on sunny days gave decent enough results through the day up until golden hour. The 4 wasn’t very effective at all really and the 32 I use a lot back home but haven’t used it in the UK, its never bright enough lol
Great place to fly you have there - will be a good place to monitor coastal erosion - can I ask where it is ?

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I think Naz @Fatboy was doing some stuff last year? :thinking:

The full settings were: iso 100, F4, 0.8s.
In the bright sunlight I needed a ND1000 (Polarpro) to get the 0.8s
The location is looking West from the river Exe towards Dawlish in Devon.
You’re right about the coastal erosion. The EA just spent £millions trying to protect this spit of land.
Unfortunately winter storms took most of it apart. Nice spot though.

yes mate I did a little experimenting but need to do some more do not understand 100%


Experimenting with settings is the way to go.
Its a balancing act between getting the right amount of movement in the (moving) water and keeping the background sharp. With the drone as the camera platform it can move during a slow exposure so it can be a good idea to to take multiple shots and hope you get one just right. I really like to the waterfall.

Yes you are Right mate going to be doing Some more experimenting with shutter speed and filters and hopefully find some waterfall somewhere

I leave an ND filter on all the time. Apart from getting the shutter speed down for videoing it protects the lens better I think than the DJI cover.

I shot with normal DJI cover have not used filters for Long time

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I’m always looking for waterfalls - which ones are these?

scaleber force waterfall you can not fly drone very high tree branches when I get time will go back to do slow shutter speed shots here’s a picture my mate took on his slr camera


Thank you. I will add them to my list of waterfalls I’d like to visit.

And I always travel with drone and dslr so either works for me. Your mate’s shot is lush.

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Another attempt at a slow shutter speed shot.
Birds eye view of tide coming in over rocks for a more abstract effect.