Small Video Test

Because there are somethings you can’t really post on Youtube, this a test of compressing a 4k 500mb video down to 720p 10mb to see how it shares on here.

Comments welcome

drax fly sml.mp4 (9.7 MB)


Liking it!! :+1::+1::+1:

Had it been me, I’d have been so tempted to fly down into the one not in use … :stuck_out_tongue:

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See post below, user error ;o(

Or stream free ?

Just not in use that day, I’d say.

Each pair of cooling towers is attached a boiler (6 in all at Drax). The ones here are the boilers that burn Biomass.

I’d guess that service work was taking place on on the towers on Tuesday.

No detectable heat shimmer rising out from it.
There was one sure way to check …. but you failed! LOL!

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Was this a Litchi mission or manual?

@OzoneVibe - Manual, it started out as a mission but the wind and steam made me have a change of plan mid flight so I flew around them myself, I was about 2km away.

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Planning a Cooling Tower Litchi Mission for the morning. :slight_smile:

Where u heading?

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Shhhhhhh! It’s a secret! :wink:

Top tip from a power station veteran.

Take some baby wipes with you and give the drone a good wipe down after flying over any cooling towers, they give off some quite nasty spores that can be harmful to delicate electronics.

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Flying around it. Should be OK. Early in the morning when nobody’s using electricity, so almost inactive. #FatChance

I’m just hoping they haven’t demolished the last three towers without telling anyone. LOL!