Smart controller lag

any of the smart controller users on here having any issues with a lag on controls.

I.E. Try to do something and the screen take 3-4 seconds to respond.

This doesn’t effect the flight of the drone though


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I have noticed this when looking at photos on the sc,and,as you say,when i touch the screen,there is a delay sometimes,guess they used the minimum power hardware to do the job ? oddly though,if i use the actual physical buttons on the sc , this does not seem to happen… likewise,no problem with actually flying the drone though…:+1:

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a didn’t know and couldn’t fins a cache to clear, any ideas?

In the settings,there is a little icon (a cog) and there is an option to clear cache or i think disable it ? also you can set the max size…

On that note,i am thinking of putting in an sd card in the slot and using it as external storage,not sure but think this may help,plus makes it easier to transfer things to the pc…

nope had one in there since day 1, of course may not be using it right