Smart controller landed

Once I was blind now I can see - after trying various tablets, smartphones and sun hoods I still struggled in bright sunlight, even tried the Samsung S8 which is supposed to be 1000 nits but that was not as bright as I expected well this has solved the problem well impressed and a nice positive feel to it but yes there is a but…it doesn’t fit in my bloody case thought it might have fitted in the filter compartment but about 1" too big oh well back to the rucksack.


Even with my phone and standard MP RC - I’ve so wished there was a hard case for the RC with phone in situ … since it’s a dedicated phone.

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A small price to pay, i use a ruck sack if i’m going walking or my hard case if i’m sat with the car, there great tho :+1:

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Good to hear I’m hopefully getting one also soon

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Glad to hear you’re happy with the SC.

Have loved using mine. Does the job perfectly :+1::grin:


Mine arrives tomorrow… i hope


So, would the SC be better than a dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ? It is twice the price.

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Absolutely, could not agree more,hence why i am not giving mine up…:+1::+1:

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Hi Ash

I got the SC earlier this year (or was it last year?! - blimey my memory) and I’ve loved using it ever since.

It replaced the S9+ and despite the supposed 6.2" screen of the S9+ it just looks smaller than the SC’s 5.5". Reckon it must be the fact that the S9 screen tapers off at the edges and seems to offer a more pillar-box format.

Anyhoos, the brightness doesnt compare. (almost) night and day and I enjoy having a dedicated device to take my M2P out with. :+1:


Its good to hear DJI have got these things in stock again.

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Thanks Steven. I’m very tempted, but what I didn’t say is that I also want a device to use on my Osmo Mobile 3 for had held stuff. I though the Note 8 would serve both purposes. My iPhone is fine for apps and calls etc, but it does run out of juice fairly quickly when I’m filming.

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I remember it well ,you bought the smart controller,after you had “forced” me to buy one ?? :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:



Did I detect a hint of bitterness there?

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Aaaah now then…I’ve almost zero knowledge of the Osmo and how it works with a mobile phone.

A difficult one for me to call im afraid.

Although, I will say this…Youre always going to have a phone regardless Im guessing, so could that not be for your Osmo Pocket and the SC for your drone?

However If youre considering a new mobile phone anyway, then yes that 1 phone would be an expense in itself without the SC on top. So a decent phone would obviously put a tick in both boxes.

I fear I’ve been of zero help here! LOLOL


HI Ash

I’ve just been reminded of (for me) the SC’s only woe. DJI at this present time seem content to release Go4 updates late, in fact much later for the SC.

I’ve just created a post to inform folk of the latest firmware release for the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom. Which is nice, however some of the new features wont work with the SC’s version of Go4, as its ‘old’ unlike the version of Go4 for its iOS and Android cousins.

Nice work there DJI. Hang us out to dry like our Crystal Sky brothers and sisters.



Yeah you’ll get used to that… :confused:

Another reason for Litchi eh :grimacing:

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Definitely :neutral_face:.

Thanks for the input. Now I’m even more confused! :crazy_face:
What with that and the new M2Z I’ve just got from Drones Direct (there, I said it!) I don’t know what to do.
The best thing is prolly to take up stamp collecting instead!


So, have you had a result with the drone yet Ash?.

Must admit i can’t fault the SC, very bright even in the sun and i can answer my phone while flying, it happened once while flying the MP and i had to land to take the call :rofl:

Shouldn’t have bothered to answer it was only the Samaritans telling me to stop pestering them :pleading_face::grin: