Smooth and hd setting within DJI fly app V 1.6.9 iOS

Firstly sorry to post another question today.
Ok so I’ve been out this afternoon ( with drone ) and to cut a long story short when I got to my third battery after already using a bit of juice from another 2 ( I was waiting for sun to go down ) I kept noticing very grainy like moving pixels on my phone screen I phone 12 what ever I tried EV settings different ND filter , clean the lenses you name it I tried it , it was like it was also out of focus up close or further away I just could not work it out and blurry sometimes ( it looked like It was drone footage from cheap B&M drone ) , anyhow I’ve come home to take another look at everything before I try to work out if there’s a problem , on doing so I noticed under transmission within the fly app where you have HD or Smooth neither one of them was on never noticed this ever as it’s usually one or the other and as far as I’m aware you ( can’t ) turn both off , does anyone kindly know if the transmission feed as stated can or would cause a problem with photo images I really would appreciate some help or thoughts and I thank you in advance ……
Sorry the feed was terrible :+1:t2:

Question, why are using an ND filter ?

I was down by the Thames and the sun was bright and was going too try a bit more motion blur but then decided on other interests .

Can I just add although I ended up using auto but prior was using pro for the iso and shutter speed for motion blur , when I checked the iso was at 200 but as said using in auto .

Edit : just to add I’ve just connected everything back up and after everytime I close the app my setting for smooth or Hd has gone :thinking:

I have never touched this setting, can’t even recall it being there. But … if it’s under transmission, then it will only affect what you see on the phone whilst flying, not what is saved to the drone’s SD card.

Other than manual panos … I very rarely use anything but Auto :man_shrugging:

That’s why I saw crap feed :+1:t2:

I forgot my sd card so what I see on my screen went straight to my phone in photo album do you think maybe that an educated guess that kinda makes sense
Many thanks

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If you are referring to the cached video that is stored in the phone’s album, then yes. That is lo-res, very compressed, horrible, nasty stuff that shouldn’t be used for anything decent. You will need the SD card for uncompressed, RAW content.

This is something I have been trying endlessly to find a clear & solid answer on but, I have only come across many different answers not on here, on google, I did also check here first too,
I didn’t really want to ask the question & I’m hoping not to have to ask many questions in 2023 :blush: if I can help it, so I was hoping someone could kindly explain.

Smooth or HD & why ?
which one you should use or when & what is the difference.

@Kirky I have moved your post here to the same question you asked in November :wink:
I will check your search to make sure it is working correctly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is to do with the image transmission from drone to your phone screen Richard. From memory I think the smooth setting is 720p/30fps and the HD setting is 1080p/30fps . It has nothing to do with your recording settings, its purely to do with what you see on your live feed.

Wondering when or if you should chose that :point_up_2:t2: over that :point_down:t2:

Is the clue in the choices, smooth as in smoother feed to the screen all be it 720p, HD 1080p but maybe not as smooth feed, if that makes sense.
Thanks for your reply :+1:t2:

Exactly that mate. I always keep mine on the smooth setting as 720p on a small phone screen should be more than enough resolution. Also it means your phone isnt working as hard to process the data. Ive not tested this but I would also assume you would get less latency running a 720p feed vs 1080p feed


Thanks, that what I heard amongst all the other different google rumours, so I’ll go with that all day long.
Many thanks

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No worries mate :+1:t2:

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High Definition means more data to be sent, which takes more time and processing power, so your live video feed to your screen is probably better at lower definition with less delay.

Therefore drone control may be better at lower definition, but for better recorded video and images, save HD recordings to the drone’s SD card.

However, would an expert please tell me if these can be done simultaneously, HD quality to the SD card, and lower definition transmitted back to the pilot’s screen ?

So I have mentioned this topic before, I don’t even remember it until I just read above, I even put the wording in the search bar before I posted this yesterday.
I just want too emphasise I’m far from an idiot that I can assure, stupid sometimes “ yes ”, am I losing my memory or lost it, a possibility :frowning:

The SD card will record at whatever resolution you’ve specified on the screen (bottom right corner), the screen will only show a low res image (normally 720P)

This feature has been removed from the latest version of the Fly app, as I suspect it isn’t required or was never a useful feature and the app will auto select

Maybe updating to the latest version would be your best option

That’s what I done the other day & found transmission terrible unless, it was because of where I was, on checking my settings with the fly app v 1.9.0 that said feature was still there, smooth & HD, I know because I checked it & it done the same, meaning did not hold or store the setting for smooth as I did try it, strange, surely wouldn’t be different for iOS, I doubt it,
That’s when I restored from iCloud back up & got my old v 1.6.9 back, I did post the scenario for you too see :+1:t2:

Maybe I should try reinstall again but the feature is still there that your saying has been removed or am I just the only one.
Many thanks

Have you a screen shot

No, only of the 1.6.9 but I am just going to re instal it again now v 1.9.0, then I can do a screen shot, if it all goes pear shaped I’ll just restore my phone again.