Snake pass, Derbyshire

I had to be quick with this one as it was raining. Taken with the Canon 400d and 15-55mm lens.


Ah! I remember many years ago when I was at the university of Sheffield, I had a crazy idea to mountain bike it to my mums home in St. Helens over Snakes Pass. Walked up some of it :grin:
And the steep descents were scary as the brakes were wet from the drizzle. I did about 80 miles I think on my bike computer.
I was proper shattered. Somehow got lost and ended up in Warrington at some point too.
Lovely road. Unless there’s a tit behind you in a golf.


I was a student in Manchester. My girlfriend of the time lived in Lincoln. I drove back over the Snake on a summer morning at just past sparrow fart singing to myself as my Commer PB van didn’t have any other sounds.

Apart from an annoying hiss every time I went round a corner. There are plenty of corners on the Snake. I was really enjoying the drive, singing my little heart out and feeling decideldy happy. Even the hiss every time I went left or right didn’t worry me - until I suddenly had a sobering thought. I stopped in a layby and checked behind my seat. Rollling around with the cap off was an aerosol can which meant that every time i cornered the nozzle hit the seat frame and a little of the contents were released

Easy Start is almost pure ether …


Commer CB camper van :+1: did yours have the column shift gear stick Never did understand why they didn’t take of here like they did in U.S loved Column change

It was a few years ago so memory is hazy. It had the narrow front track and a Perkins 4.108 diesel. I used to have a Vauxhall 101 estate with column change. the linkage used to regularly become disconnected which meant I had to lie alongside and reach underneath to press a ball end back into a nylon socket in order to enjoy all three gears :slight_smile:

A nd then there were Citroen Dyanes with the dash-mounted wrist operated shift levers and, probably 20 years later a Fiat Multipla with a gearlever attached to the dash keaving room for three to sit unobstructed on the front seat.

And my first car, a Series 1 Landrover. It had a convemtional 4 on the floor shift (plus levers for $wd and Hi/Lo transfer box). I used to thiefproof it (no door locks) by pulling the gear lever straighht up and out and lobbing it into the jumble of rope, chain, buoys and net in the back.

Aww the good old days :rofl: you do wish sometimes you could just pick up the best of now and travel back !

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As a kid used to go up snake round ladybower, through to Castleton then back to glossop. I was about 10/11 at the time. Fearless used to try and get all the way down without hitting the brakes.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: