Snapseed on a Mac?

Any Snapseed users seen a macOS version on your travels?!

I could have sworn it was available in the past (years ago), can’t seem to find anything now? :thinking:

Intensify CK is about the nearest.

High seas version available if you need a link ;o)


Damn that picture on their homepage sells it eh?

Is this something you’ve used @milkmanchris (personal recommendation?) or just aware of?

I’ve been using a proper old version of Lightroom for donkeys years now, can’t help thinking there are better/easier/quicker/etc tools out there on the Mac these days.

I use it.

Have done for a few years, The presets are spot on.

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Also, didn’t I hear a rumour that macOS will soon be able to run iOS apps natively? :thinking:

In which case, I’ll check it out, cheers :+1:t2:

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That’s been in the pipeline for a while by all accounts, I find myself using ‘hand off’ more and more, even though I never thought I would

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It’s great isn’t it

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